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hport software upgrade

Allergen and Ingredient labelling

At the end of 2014, new legislation comes into force (the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011 will be introduced) it will require food businesses to provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged, in for example catering outlets, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars. Hport has upgraded the software to help you comply with this.
hport - Catering, Nutrition and Finance in one software package

Enter your recipes onto your hport account

Then hport helps you with costs, nutrients, allergens, seasonality, portion sizes, ingredient quantities, pick lists and order sheets.
Develop nutritious menus for schools
There are many software features in hport that will help you develop nutritionally balanced menus.

Drag & drop

Quickly arrange items on a menu by dragging and dropping items onto courses. You can quickly delete recipes and add new ones. So you can keep your menu up to date, fresh, seasonal and delicious.

In page changes to numbers

You can increase or decrease the numbers you are serving for a dish on the page without having to reload the page or open a new page.


You can enter your own nutritional standards or use preloaded standards. hport was the first software supplier to allow users to see a preview of how the nutritional balance of a menu would be affected by a user's selected change. The preview shows a bar graph and % change values.


You can sort your recipes by their cost and by their nutrients at the same time. Select a swap and see how the average cost and nutritional balance changes before you make that change.
Novelty and innovation

hport food and nutrient standards

Like you, hport likes to be at the cutting edge. hport was the first supplier of software to provide users with the ability to evaluate food and nutritional standards. 

Celebrating the seasons

Hport was the first supplier to help show how seasonal recipes and menus are.
The basics

Getting the basics right

hport has always been best value software, our all in transparent pricing includes set up, support, maintenance and upgrades. A new hport School account costs £250+VAT per year.

Reproducing a recipe correctly time and again

All that time you've spent developing a great menu, deserves a recipe folder with recipe cards and ingredients in the correct quantities, pick lists and order sheets.
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