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About hport
Hport was originally developed as a catering back of house package in 1996. Over the years the software developed to include nutrition. With the strengthening of school food standards with nutritional standards, nutritional compliance and educational software were added to hport. Currently there are over 50 programmes that go to make up the hport software package. Recognised as a market leader in independent reviews, hport's well thought out software design and really good features have helped it to gain many loyal customers. The longest programme within hport has a core file of 132,179 lines. Hport regularly updates its software; on average there are 10 updates over a year. In a busy year over 2 million pages of software are downloaded from hport.

We are proud to have large and small customers using hport. Our largest clients serve hundreds of thousands of customers a week. Our smallest clients serve only hundreds of customers a week. We are recommended to customers by many Schools, Local Education Authorities, independent Catering Consultants, Food Suppliers, Nutritionists and Dietitians.

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